Organizations Fighting Against Sex Slavery:

Exodus Cry has produced the Nefarious Documentary - a movie that will change your life (trailer below). Exodus Cry also has created a Human Trafficking Museum in Grandview, Missouri to raise awareness of the horrors of this industry.


Sex + Money The Sex + Money Film (trailer below) was created by a group of 5 journalists who traveled across the U.S. seeking to understand more about the largest-growing form of organized crime, the sexual exploitation of children. Sex+Money: A National Search for Human Worth is a documentary about domestic minor sex trafficking and the modern-day abolitionist movement fighting to stop it. Since September 2009, the crew has traveled to over 30 states and conducted more than 75 interviews with federal agents, victims, politicians, activists, psychologists, porn-stars, among others.

The crew discovered that there are currently less than 100 beds available for the estimated 100,000 to 300,000 child sex trafficking victims in America. If all of these victims were freed, there would not be safe places for them to go. That's where Streetlight and Children of the Night come into play.


Children of the Night is the first established and only comprehensive sex trafficking program for America's sex trafficking victims forced into prostitution. They provide America's largest sex trafficking 24/7 toll-free help hotline and 24/7 shelter intake for 11-17 year olds. They have a 24-bed, licensed group home - the need for beds for rescued prostitutes is huge! There aren't many. Check out this program for more information.


Streetlight Tucson provides awareness and education about sex slavery, prositution, and "the jet fuel for child sexual abuse and trafficking," pornography. Streetlight Tucson also provides a safe house for rescued women and children.


Fight Slavery Now! features an extensive list of webpages along right side bar on their website. These pages examine the issue of sex slavery from all sides, include many detailed facts and figures, and give useful ideas for how you can help.

The CNN Freedom Project provides a wealth of information on anti-slavery campaigns around the globe.


Not For Sale - Get the Free2Work app and be a conscientious consumer! This website also gives insights on how YOU can get involved in stopping slavery by increasing the demand for free-trade goods and decreasing the demand for products created by slaves.


Hookers for Jesus is based out of Las Vegas. Watch their TV show, Hookers: Saved On The Strip, and check out their safe house, Destiny House.

Patricia King's interview with Annie from NightLight Ministries in Thailand is very insightful:


Kony 2012 Joseph Kony forces girls into prostitution - and also forces boys into his rebel army, another form of slavery - therefore stopping Kony will lead to freeing child slaves.

World Concern