New Spotlight: Do you know how to spot the signs of a trafficked victim?




When we educate and inform both men and women about the value of women - and ALL people - there will be more respect between the genders and women will have stronger self-esteem. Low self-esteem is often what causes young girls to put themselves in situations that can lead to becoming sex slaves. Let's encourage, inspire, and esteem the girls and women in our lives today!



Pornography is a gateway to sexual slavery. 

So are books and movies like Fifty Shades of Grey, which glamorize abusive sexual behavior. Today's spotlight features a blog post from "Fight the New Drug," an anti-porn website, about "Five Things 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Teaches about Sex." I encourage you to not only read the blog, but check out the rest of the website and what it stands for.




Sex-trafficking survivor: The truth about Super Bowl and sex

January's Spotlight focuses on the Super Bowl and the sex slave trade. Annie Lobert speaks out from a different perspective in her article with Fox News:

sex trafficking and the super bowl



Our September Spotlight features YouCanFree.Us, an organization devoted to identifying specific ways people can get involved in stopping the sex slave trade. Check out their website and watch their video below:

YouCanFree.Us from SJM, YOUCANFREE.US on Vimeo.



This month, we'd like to spotlight the Beautiful Voices Art Program. This program by the Rag Collection and StreetlightUSA is bringing life back into so many girls' lives through the beauty and wonder of art! Consider contributing to their campaign and learn more about their program:



This month's Spotlight focuses on the topic of "Rape Culture" with a blog by Covenant Eyes' staff writer and editor Lisa Eldred. Check it out here:



In our Spotlight today is Ed Sheeran's song, The A Team.




This month's spotlight features Annie Lobert, founder of Hookers for Jesus, in her video for I Am Second:

I Am Second - Annie Lobert

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